Friday, February 7, 2014

The Hollies: Indian Girl

For today’s Friday Flipside, we take you back to 1972 with a non-album “B” side by The Hollies: “Indian Girl.” Released only in North America as a single, it’s “A” side, “Long Dark Road,” was a mid-charter in the US (#26) and Canada (#24).

“Long Dark Road” was released as the follow-up single to “Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress” and both appeared on the “Distant Light” album in 1971. “Indian Girl,” however, was not released on an album until it appeared on the 2007 CD release of the 1972 album “Romany.” It was one of the CD’s 8 bonus tracks.

“Indian Girl” was penned by Terry Sylvester who also handled the lead vocals on the cut. Sylvester joined The Hollies in 1969 as a replacement for Graham Nash. Like Nash, he typically handled the high tenor harmonies. When Sylvester released his self-titled solo album in 1974, he remade “Indian Girl.” His solo version, complete with steel guitar, was not released as a single. Personally, I prefer The Hollies’ treatment of this classic “B” side.

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