Friday, August 1, 2014

Baskery: Throw A Bone

For Feminine Friday, I once again feature music from the Swedish group Baskery. This is the fifth song since 2009 that I’ve featured of the three Bondesson sisters: Greta, Stella, and Sunniva. Their style is hard to define as they do not easily fit into a single category, but I tend to consider them as punkabilly.

Today’s feature is a live recording of “Throw a Bone,” which was recorded by Audiotree Live less than six weeks ago. Typically Sunniva plays a jumbo sized acoustic guitar, but on “Throw a Bone,” she rocks out on a Fender Telecaster. As always, Stella contributes the low end with her “dog house” bass.

In the previous videos of Baskery that I’ve featured, Greta is playing only one drum – a snare with a foot pedal. She has the foot driven snare, but has expanded her kit with a pedal driven bass drum and a tom. In addition to her rhythmic footwork, Greta plays accents on the bass and a tom as well as keeps time with the drumsticks. As in the past videos, we find her playing slide leads on an amplified 6-string banjo. For only three members, Baskery provides a lot of sound.

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