Monday, August 11, 2014

Mocking Byrds: Full Circle

Our next selection during our “Mocking Byrds” Second Week Feature looks at Dan Fogelberg’s rendition of a tune that was released by The Byrds in 1973. Although Gene Clark recorded “Full Circle Song” as a solo artist first in 1972, The Byrds’ recording is better known.  It is from their original lineup reunion album titled simply “Byrds.” Last October, I discussed their release, and you can check out that post for more detailed info on the song.

In 2003, Dan Fogelberg plied his craft on “Full Circle” and used it as the title cut for his CD – an album that unfortunately didn’t chart. Even though it failed to garner widespread exposure, Fogelberg did an excellent job on his rendition of this Gene Clark composition.

While I like The Byrds’ arrangement (especially Chris Hillman’s mandolin) better, I prefer Dan Fogelberg’s vocals over Gene Clark’s. In addition, the production on Fogelberg’s rendition is much fuller, but this may be a result of advances in recording technology since the early 70s.

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