Thursday, July 22, 2010

Joshua Radin: No Envy, No Fear

As I was watching one of my favorite episodes (“Double Trouble in the Panhandle”) of one of my favorite TV shows (Bones) this week, the song they played at the episode’s end caught my eye, er – ear. When the case is finally solved, the song playing in the background was Joshua Radin’s “No Envy, No Fear.” Even though it was the third time that I watched this episode, I never noticed the tune before – it was the mandolin that caused me to seek out its name.

So popular is this suburban Cleveland, Ohio native’s music with TV producers, no less than 23 different TV shows have showcased Radin’s songs a record 47 times. “No Envy, No Fear” has also been heard on “One Hill Tree” and “Castle.” In addition to aural appearances on TV, ten motion pictures featured 11 versions of his songs and four ads utilized Radin’s compositions. The life of the songwriter is good.

When we last left our heroes . . .

As mentioned earlier, this Bone’s episode is my favorite. It has Booth and Brennan going undercover at a circus to ferret out the circumstances behind the mysterious death of conjoined circus performers. Using the name Buck and Wanda Moosejaw, one of the running gags in show is when they are introduced. On several occasions, the response is “Moosejaw, is that Native American?” To which Booth (Buck) answers, “No, we’re Canadian” with all the pride he can muster.

Since Booth had served in Special Forces, he had developed excellent knife throwing skills. Brennan goes beyond the call of duty and serves as his lovely assistant and nearly target. Booth and Brennan – er – Buck and Wanda metamorphosize into "Boris and Natasha and their Russian Knives of Death." Boris and Natasha? Only those of a sufficient age would respond, “Moose un Squirrel, vat about Mr. Big un Fearless Leader?”

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