Monday, July 26, 2010

Tempest: Let's Live For Today

My brother Chuck called me a few weeks ago and told me about Tempest’s remake of The Grass Roots hit, “Let’s Live for Today.” This rendition of the 1967 classic recording features Tempest founder and Olso, Norway native Lief Sorbye on vocals, flute, and mando-guitar.

This single, from the 2010 CD “Another Dawn,” is available in traditional black vinyl and red/black splatter vinyl.

The Grass Roots hit

Featuring Rob Grill on bass and vocals, The Grass Roots version charted in 1967 for a reformed version of the band. This classic lineup of the band was originally known as The 13th Floor and were offered the opportunity to take up where P.F. Sloan and Steve Barri’s original band had left off by using their name. Adding additional vocals is Warren Entner, who provided the classic 1-2-3-4.

Enter later went on to manage Faith No More and Quiet Riot. Lead guitarist Creed Bratton currently plays the character of Creed Bratton on “The Office.” Drummer Rick Coonce is a retired Canadian child protective service worker. Grill is back in a reformed version of The Grass Roots and is still performing today.

The Rokes with the real original

Most Americans don’t realize that the hit version of the song itself was a cover of an original release by the British band The Rokes. “Let’s Live for Today” was a hit record in Italy for The Rokes in 1967 – the only country where they had a following.

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