Sunday, July 18, 2010

Roy Buchanan: The Messiah Will Come Again

I became familiar with this LP and song when WDVE featured the album in its entirety in 1972. I taped the album and it became one of my favorite albums of the year. Roy Buchanan’s technique is borrowed from his early training as a lap steel guitarist which he imitated on his Fender Telecaster that he nicknamed “Nancy.”

Although mostly an instrumental, the song includes the following recitation by Roy.

Just a smile, just a glance
The prince of darkness,
he just walked past
There’s been a lot of people,
they've had lot to say
But this time,
I'm gonna tell it my way.

There was a town.
It was strange little town,
They called “The World”
It was a lonely, lonely little town-
'Til one day a stranger appeared
And their hearts rejoiced,
And the sad little town was happy again
But there were some that doubted;
They disbelieved so they mocked him
And the stranger, he went away

Now the sad little town that was sad yesterday
Is a lot sadder today . . .
I walked in a lot of places,
that I never should have been
But I know that the Messiah,
He will come again

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