Friday, July 16, 2010

Paul Carrack: Love Will Keep Us Alive

Typically, I feature a first recording of a song, but today – the first recording was the hit and the feature song, recorded by one of the authors, came a decade later. So rather than a first recording, it is an alternate recording. The song was finally released by Paul Carrack on his “Greatest Hits – The Story So Far” album in 2006.

The Eagles’ Hit Version

Paul Carrack wrote this song along with Jim Capaldi (ex Traffic), and Peter Vale. It was originally intended for a band that Carrack, Timothy B. Schmidt, and Don Felder were organizing. The project never came to fruition. When the Eagles reunited for their “Hell Freezes Over” album and tour, the band performed and recorded “Love Will Keep Us Alive.” While the song was never released as a single in the U.S., it received considerable adult contemporary airplay where it charted at #1. The song never charted on Billboard’s Hot 100.

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