Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Alex Taylor: Catch Me When I Fall

Probably the most soulful of the Taylor family, the eldest sibling Alex had a propensity for the blues, rhythm and blues, and southern rock. His style was quite different from his folky siblings James, Kate, and Livingston. Besides a penchant for a grittier style, Alex was also known for his over consumption of alcohol which led to his untimely death in 1993.

Alex Taylor apparently downed nearly a fifth of vodka, layed his head on a desk and stopped breathing. This occurred at King Snake Records Studios in Sanford, Florida. Although he was resuscitated, he never regained consciousness and died about a week later. At the time of his demise, Taylor was working on his seventh LP. His son James was the inspiration for James Taylor’s song “Sweet Baby James.”

“Catch Me When I Fall” was from his 1989 release of “Voodoo in Me” – his fifth album. Of all of the Taylors, his vocal style was unique as this cut demonstrates.

Brother Livingston Reminisces about Alex

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