Sunday, September 19, 2010

Livingston Taylor: Tell Jesus To Come To My House

Today, Reading Between the Grooves finalizes its look at the famous Taylor family. Of the performing Taylors, the only one I’ve seen in concert was Livingston – who is the next to the youngest of the siblings.

I saw Livingston in 1978 at the Huntington, West Virginia Civic Center where he opened for Linda Rondstat during her “Living in the USA” tour. I bought my tickets at the last minute and a young lady I worked with at the McDonalds in South Point, Ohio attended the show with me.

While the tickets were marked obstructed view, they were not as bad as expected. We got to see the right side of the stage without any problem. Livingston’s performance that was in support of his “Three Way Mirror” album was impeccable.

In contrast, Rondstat had the stage presence of a throw rug or wisk broom or some other inanimate object. The only saving grace was her producer Peter Asher (boy, I am naming him a lot lately) was on stage playing tambourine and singing backup. He was quite animated and I enjoyed seeing him as part of the show.

Oh yeah, back to Livingston Taylor. Today’s Spiritual Sunday number is a live performance with Liv playing keyboards and doing an excellent job at that. The studio version of “Tell Jesus to come to my House” is an A Capella arrangement that features Livingston backed by the group Take 6. It is really a great version; however, it is not available on YouTube – so we must utilize this live rendition instead. Enjoy.

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