Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ambrosia: Holding On To Yesterday

Ambrosia’s “Holding on to Yesterday” is a song that you never hear much on the radio today, but its been a classic since its 1975 release. The keyboards are fantastic with Rhodes electric piano, the Grangertron synthesizer, and Hammond organ swells and effects. Ambrosia’s vocals are impeccable. While the guitar lead is hot, it is not over the top. The thing that makes this song is the soothing violin played by Daniel Kobialka from Leonard Bernstein’s orchestra.

Ambrosia’s self-titled first album was nominated for the Best Engineered Album Grammy. It is no wonder, as the album was engineered and mastered by Alan Parsons. Parsons, who has had his own recordings, was the engineer for The Beatles “Abbey Road” LP. Unfortunately, this first single by the band only made it to #17 on Billboard’s Hot 100 charts.

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