Friday, October 15, 2010

Robert Johnson: Love In Vain

It’s Friday Firsts during blues week on Reading Between the Grooves. The Rolling Stones recorded this tune twice – once on their monumental LP “Let it Bleed” and the live version on “Get Your Ya-Ya’s Out.” The original was written and recorded by the legendary Robert Johnson. The original was released on 78 for Vocalion Records in 1937.

Rolling Stones’ version from Let it Bleed

This version of the tune has only four of the Stones on it as during “Let It Bleed” the band was in transition of lead guitarists. Brian Jones and Mick Taylor each contributed to two songs each; however, neither played on “Love in Vain.” The slide guitar is played by Keith Richards and Ry Cooder added the mandolin part. “Let it Bleed” is one of the best Rolling Stone LPs if not the best.

Live Version from “Get Your Ya-Ya’s Out”

This version from the Stones’ 1970 live album was recorded on November 26, 1969 in Baltimore just weeks prior to the release of “Let it Bleed.” The slide guitar part is markedly different with Mick Taylor handling the slide chores while Keith Richards was on rhythm guitar. This is a far superior version than the studio release; however, I miss Ry Cooder’s mandolin.

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