Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lindisfarne: Fog On The Tyne

The Traditional Tuesday selection is a feel good nonsense song from the band Lindisfarne. While exceedingly popular in the UK, Lindisfarne was basically ignored in the United States although signed to a major label (Elektra) during the peak of their popularity.  The title cut from their 1971 second LP, “Fog on the Tyne” became the band’s signature number.

Unfortunately, “Fog on the Tyne” was not released officially as single until three years later after the bulk of the band’s membership had left to form Jack the Lad leaving Alan Hull and Ray Jackson to recruit a new selection of members. Later the original members reformed and the band continued with varied personnel until 2003.

“Fog on the Tyne” refers to the River Tyne in England which formed the traditional border between historic Northumberland and Durham. Lindisfarne was from Newcastle upon Tyne on the river’s north bank.

Verses one and four feature Alan Hull; Ray Jackson sings the second verse while Simon Cowe is the lead vocalist on the third. What is going on with Cowe’s hair? He looks a little like a cross between Aqualung of Jethro Tull fame and the "Wild Man of Borneo."

The Hirsute Mr. Cowe

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  1. I'm just getting into Lindisfarne - I bought their 1970 debut LP 'Nicely Out of Tune' last week and I've listened to it three times since - but I definitely recommend that you check out Family, another British band that didn't get a deserved large audience in America.