Thursday, October 21, 2010

Justin Hines: Wish You Well

Occasionally you’ll hear a song that is used within a television drama that strikes a chord with you. Today’s TV Thursday song is one of those tunes that I heard for the first time on either a House, M.D. or Bones episode. Both shows utilize songs as part of their storyline and I am a fan of both. I saw this in a rerun about a month ago, found the song, and committed it to my YouTube favorites for future reference.

Since it has been a number of weeks since I first heard Justin Hines’ “Wish You Well,” I cannot recall the show, episode, or context of where the song was used. Confined to a wheelchair, Justin suffers from a rare genetic disorder called “Larsen's Syndrome.” It has not hampered this Canadian’s ability to write interesting songs and utilize his vocal talents. Enjoy.


Darling I can’t take your thirst away but I can show you to the sea
While you’re walking on your path unknown
I said, “Will you think of me?”

Well time will tell and I wish you well

Too many times I've seen those ghosts before
I've watched them dance around your bed
I would give you all of my sleep filled nights just to see you get some rest

It's not my place to try to fill that space but I can wish you well
I wish you well

In times like this I tend to ponder of things we'll miss
We can always reminisce

When you come back from the great beyond with moonlight in your hair
I will meet you where that dark road ends
And it won’t be long until we’re there

And once
Once again we’ll talk about way back when
But until then I wish you well
I wish you well

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