Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dan Peek: Lonely People

On Thursday, I mentioned the death of Dan Peek formerly of the band America. He died in his sleep last Sunday. After the release of America’s “Harbor” LP in 1977, Dan left the band to pursue a successful solo career as a contemporary Christian artist.

His first solo LP was “All Things Are Possible”; the single of the same title stayed at the #1 slot on the CCM charts for 13 weeks. It also received a Grammy nomination. In 1986, Peek released his fourth solo LP – “Electro Voice.” On this album, he remade his old America hit, but Christianized the vocals. The single charted at #2 on the CCM charts. It is my pleasure to provide both versions – the first being our Spiritual Sunday selection.

Original America Release

Of the songs that Dan Peek sang lead with America, “Lonely People” charted the highest at #5. His other singles were “Today’s the Day” at #23, “Don’t Cross the River” at #35, and “Woman Tonight” that peaked at #44. “Lonely People” also charted at #1 on the Adult Contemporary charts.

The song was from America’s 1974 album “Holiday.” In an Circus magazine interview Peek said the song was based on the thought of “what would it be like to wake up and not know anybody.” “Holiday” was their first album that employed the famed George Martin as producer. “Tin Man” was the other single from this album.

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