Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Norton Buffalo: Hanging Tree

Yesterday, something reminded me of Norton Buffalo’s “Hanging Tree,” my favorite song from his 1977 album, “Lovin’ in the Valley of the Moon.” This is a great album that features the fantastic harmonica work from Steve Miller’s harp player.

Norton as also sings leads and does the voice characterizations. I think this is why I love this song as I have been doing voices since I was a kid. During (and after) my twenty year stint in broadcasting, I often did radio and TV commercials with a variety of voices including Walter Brennan as Norton does twice in this tune.

I don’t think the album was ever released on CD. The vinyl release wasn’t a big seller even though everyone and his brother had heard his work – he just wasn’t a household name. If you can pick this up on vinyl – get it. Providing that you have something to play it.

Sadly, Norton Buffalo succumbed to cancer during the fall of 2009. His talents will be sadly be missed. I dealt ever so slightly with Norton’s talents at http://zeegrooves.blogspot.com/2009/12/steve-miller-band-winter-time.html.

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