Saturday, July 30, 2011

Doucette: Mama Let Him Play

Back in 1978, I remember hearing [Jerry] Doucette on the radio quite a bit with the title cut from his album “Mama Let Him Play.” A Canadian by birth, Doucette recorded for the Mushroom Records label out of Vancouver, British Columbia. This was the same label that launched the career of Heart two years earlier.

Unfortunately, Doucette never caught on in the US; however, for an unknown his debut chart positions did better than most new artists. Doucette’s “Mama Let Him Play” was a true bubbling under hit with a position on the Hot 100 charts at #72. The album’s 159 ranking on Billboard’s Top 200 Albums charts did well for a first time artist as well; however, Doucette was never ever able to repeat his semi-success in the US.

I never bought either the single or album, as other recordings caught my ear. It reminds me of the music of 1978 – a state of styles in flux. The new wave sound is said to have edged Doucette out of the running for a major hit. Perhaps if this record had been released two or three years earlier it would have performed better. Be that as it may, here’s Doucette with “Mama Let Him Play.”