Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Alive And Kicking: Tighter,Tighter

It’s One-Hit Wonder Wednesday and I am taking you back to 1970 with some friends of Tommy James – Alive and Kicking. The Shondells and Alive and Kicking became acquainted because both bands were label mates on Roulette Records. Tommy James originally had written “Crystal Blue Persuasion” for his friends, but decided that it was such a good song that he and the Shondells would record it instead. Thank goodness, as it would be hard to fathom someone else doing this tune.

The replacement, which soared to number 7 on the charts, was a Tommy James/Bob King composition entitled “Tighter,Tighter.” James also produced the recording. The stereo mix of the song has lead vocalists Pepe Cardona and Sandy Toder singing in different channels, but mixed into the middle by the time they sign together. There is a little glitch in the fading of Sandy Toder’s voice on the line “Tighter.”

One of things I find memorable about this cut is the guitar lead as the song is ending. It is truly classic 1970 one-hit wonder gold as the single was a million seller.

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