Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Band of Heathens: Let Your Heart Not Be Troubled

While tune on the surface seems like a gospel song, “Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled” is not. The band’s name as The Band of Heathens is testimony of that. With that aside, it is a great recording by a band whose name was coined via a misprint in the local mistake. The heathen designation stuck. Today’s tune was recorded on the Music Fog Celebrity Coach in Nashville. The original studio version comes from the CD “One Foot in the Ether.”

The lead vocal is provided by Cordy Quist who, I believe, is playing a Gibson Southern Jumbo. Ed Jurdi, who strums a Gibson Hummingbird guitar, provides back-up vocals. Colin Brooks also provides backing vocals and sports an Epiphone MM 50F – a copy of the legendary Gibson F-5. Rounding out the quintet are Seth Whitney on bass and drummer John Chipman on percussion. It’s a nice tune from this Austin, Texas based band.

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