Monday, September 19, 2011

Nick Oosterhuis: Lady, We Can . . .

Back in 1982, Dutch musician Nick Oosterhuis released an album, “We Gotta Stop Meeting Like This” and a maxi-single of the cut “Lady, We Can . . .” Instead of using his name, Oosterhuis released these recordings under the name of Chris Garner.

This taking of a pseudonym was done so that English speaking audiences would not overlook the recording due to difficulty that most Americans (and perhaps others) would have in pronouncing his surname.

This year Oosterhuis has taken the 12-inch mix and updated it. He has re-released it on the CD appropriately titled as “The Mysterious Disappearance of Mr. Garner.” The tune was written by Bernd Jost and Oosterhuis.

The instrumentation includes Nick Oosterhuis on vocals, guitars, and keyboards; Peter Weihe on guitars; Anselm Kluge on bass; and Dicky Tarrach on Drums. Nearly 30 years later, this classic recording is now available again to the public.

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