Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Beatles: Birthday

I love it when a plan comes together and this morning I was looking for a birthday song that also had a corresponding commercial. Why? Because, they say it’s my birthday. What better song for a birthday than The Beatles’ “Birthday.” It was used in The Beatles Rock Band commercial that aired on Comedy Central. Works for me and kills two birds with one stone.

“Birthday” was only released as single as a special edition jukebox 45 in 1992 in colored vinyl. These were not issued to the public per se but collectors had access to purchase these limited edition releases. The flip was “Taxman” and the single was released in green vinyl.

It is unusual that I don’t have any of these 34 commemorative colored vinyl jukebox singles in my collection as I was both a Beatles and a colored vinyl collector. While researching this single, I saw where the green vinyl UK import of “Abbey Road” is now going for nearly $400. I think I paid $9.00 for mine in 1978.

Back to “Birthday”; it was a tune that was completely written in the studio and was approximately 50% Paul McCartney and 50% John Lennon in a time when the two had nearly stopped writing together; however, they shared writing royalties on everything with The Beatles.

The song kicks off side three of the “White Album,” which is officially known as “The Beatles.” I have that LP from Britain in white vinyl. You can pick this one up for under $100 if you shop around – more copies were pressed of this LP in white vinyl – and it is rarer on the Apple label.

The Beatles Rock Band Commercial

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