Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Moody Blues: When A Child is Born

In 2003, the Moody Blues released their Christmas LP “December.” It was their first recording since the retirement of flautist Ray Thomas. The band only includes three members – one original, Graeme Edge on drums and two additional from the classic band lineup, guitarist Justin Hayward and bassist John Lodge.

Joining the band on this LP are two members of the touring band: Norda Mullen on flute and Danilo Madonia on keyboards. The music for “When a Child is Born” was composed as an instrumental named “Soleado” by Ciro Dammicco alias “Zacar.” The lyrics were authored by Fred Jay several years later.

The Moodies do an excellent version of this Christmas song that starts with Norda Mullen’s flute. Both Justin Hayward and John Lodge share lead vocal duties. It is an excellent to remember the reason for the season – the birth of the Christ child. May you and yours have a Merry Christmas.


A ray of hope flickers in the sky
A tiny star lights up way up high
All across the land dawns a brand new morn
This comes to pass when a child is born

A silent wish sails the seven seas
The winds of change whisper in the trees
And the walls of doubt crumble tossed and torn
This comes to pass, when a child is born

A rosy hue settles all around
You got the feel, you're on solid ground
For a spell or two no one seems forlorn
This comes to pass, when a child is born

And all of this happens, because the world is waiting.
Waiting for one child; Black-white-yellow, no one knows...
But a child that will grow up and turn tears to laughter,
Hate to love, war to peace and everyone to everyone's neighbor,
And misery and suffering will be words to be forgotten forever.

It's all a dream and illusion now,
It must come true sometime soon somehow,
All across the land dawns a brand new morn,
This comes to pass when a child is born.

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