Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Georgia Satellites: Keep Your Hands To Yourself

Well I’ve been fighting a super cold virus for the last few days and when I was leaving for work yesterday, my wife who is wise in not wanting to catch this thing told me “no huggie and no kissie.” That got me thinking of a great rock ‘n roll tune from 1986 – “Keep Your Hands to Yourself.” This one hit wonder by The Georgia Satellites made it to number 2 on the hot 100.

None of their other singles broke the Top 40, although their cover of the Swingin’ Blue Jeans’ “Hippy Hippy Shake” came close at #45. This was a song that several bands I was in during the mid to late 80s played. In Street Heat, Kevin Cordle played the guitar parts and did the lead vocal, I bashed out chords on my Wurlitzer electric piano.

In my next band, The Game, I got to play some guitar on this tune. I just did the rhythm parts as they were taught to me by our lead guitarist Keith Fain. I’m not sure who sang the tune; it was either Keith or our drummer, Meredith Trent. That was 25 years ago, so forgive me if my memory happens to skip a beat from time to time. Come to think of it, our next band, Lyvyn Daylitz may have done this one as well.

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