Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Baskery: Here to Pay My Dues

It’s Tasty Licks Tuesday and one of my indy favorite bands is Baskery from Sweden. The three Bondesson sisters have been termed as rockabilly, punkabilly, and “mad country music.” Whatever they’re called, I like their rockin’ beat and impeccable harmony vocals.

Today’s song, “Here to Pay Our Dues” features oldest sister Greta playing the amplified, distorted six-string banjo. If you call it a banjar, banjitar, ganjo or guitar banjo, I understand that she’ll correct you – “It’s a six string banjo.” This is one of the few cuts where she doesn’t play slide on this marriage between a guitar and a banjo. The instrument was created for guitarists who wanted to add a banjo sound to their repertoire without learning a new instrument.

As always, Greta handles the percussion. Middle sister Stella rocks out on the dog house bass and the youngest sibling Sunniva plays the guitar. Enjoy. This version was recorded live in Germany in March 2009.

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