Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spandau Ballet: True

I heard today’s TV Thursday tune on a Chevy Malibu commercial. It may be the only non musical related commercial to make a direct reference to the artist and the song – Spandau Ballet’s “True.” I loved the album of the same name, and especially its title cut which was the biggest hit of their career. I was also partial to the third single, “Communication,” which didn’t fare nearly as well.

“True” was the third album for the band and provided a different sound for the band as Steve Norman, who had been playing guitar for “Spandau Ballet,” introduced saxophone and percussion – his new focus changed the band’s sound forever and for the better. As with the previous albums, guitarist and keyboardist Gary Kemp wrote all of the material. “True,” the song, was a perfect vehicle to show off Tony Hadley’s vocals.

“True” (the single) charted on four of Billboard's charts:  #76 on the R&B singles, #34 on the Mainstream Rock chart, #4 on the Hot 100, and #1 on the Adult Contemporary chart. The album peaked at #19.  For the its 20th anniversary, the album was remastered and reissued in 2003.

Chevy Malibu Commercial

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