Thursday, June 21, 2012

Chet Atkins: Jam Man

If you watch television in the United States, you cannot escape the numerous ads used in the campaign for esurance. There is a catchy little guitar instrumental that accompanies each of the commercials. For the uninformed, the song is “Jam Man” by the late Chet Atkins.

While the chords aren’t too difficult (Am, G, C, F, E, and etc.), Chet’s picking style makes this song a bear to learn. I tried it, but cannot pick like Chet – but how many people do you know who pick like Chet? Case in point.

Chet actually won a Grammy for “Jam Man” in 1994. When you listen to it, it is understandable why the committee and the members selected “Jam Man” to win. Enjoy. Only 90 more posts to go.

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