Thursday, June 14, 2012

Eilen Jewell: Everywhere I Go

In the latest T-Mobile commercial advertising their HTC One S phone has commercial actress Carly Foulkes selecting three songs before she heads off down the streets on her magenta and black motorcycle. The first of these is a four second excerpt titled as “Everything is Ours” by Waste Grease. Checking for this song, I’ve come to learn that the song in its entirety is only four seconds long and this miniscule selection was probably created for the commercial.

The second, and our TV Thursday song, is Eilen Jewell’s “Everywhere I Go,” which is followed by The Vines’ “Get Free.” While I was initially interested in the Waste Grease song, which is really a non-song, I have selected Eilen Jewel’s tune for today.

Having featured her twice before, Jewell is no stranger to Reading Between the Grooves. “Everywhere I Go” comes from her 2009 CD release “Sea of Tears.”

T-Mobile Commercial

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