Monday, June 4, 2012

Lisa Loeb: I Do

A coworker walked into my office last week and she was wearing horned rimmed classes as opposed to her normal contact lenses and I made the comment, “You look just like Lisa Loeb.” To which my coworker said, “Who?” I had to pull up a YouTube video of Ms. Loeb to show her the similarities. I happened to be our featured song of today – her 1997 hit “I Do.”

The song was featured on her third solo album “Firecracker” and the single charted at #17. By the way the electric guitar she is playing in the official video of “I Do” is a Danelectro Convertible – their answer to an acoustic electric. Having two Danos, I can appreciate what Nathan Daniel did with Masonite and a lipstick tube pickup.

Lisa got prominent attention with her 1994 recording of “Stay (I Missed You)” that appeared in the movie “Reality Bites.” It was the first #1 song to be recorded by an artist without a major record deal. While “Stay (I Missed You)” was a bigger hit, I prefer “I Do.” Since I write this blog, I get to pick the songs. I hope you concur.

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