Friday, October 5, 2012

Chicago: Where Do We Go From Here

In 1970, Chicago released its second album simply titled “Chicago,” but it would be later known as “Chicago II.” The album produced three top 10 singles: “25 or 6 to 4,” “Make me Smile,” and “Colour my World.” This double album was considered the breakthrough for the band. It also started a series of albums with similar cover designs – this one was the silver album and it represented the shortened form of the band’s original name of The Chicago Transit Authority.

Today’s Friday Flipside was the “B” side to “25 or 6 to 4.” I purchased this single during the summer of 1970 after I returned from a trip to – where else – Chicago. I heard the record on my trip and I purchased it with two other singles: Sugarloaf’s “Green Eyed Lady” and Status Quo’s “Down the Dustpipe.” I amused myself on the trip from Chicago to Pittsburgh by listening to my little blue transistor radio – where I heard these songs.

While the “A” side charted at #4, its flip “Where Do We Go From Here” was the first contribution to the band from bassist Peter Cetera. Cetera, who would later become the band’s lead vocalist, also sang lead on this number. There is a grammatical faux pas in the title – it is a question, but is missing a question mark on both the single and the notation on the album. The title is fitting for its place on the album as the last song on side 4.

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