Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Tarney/Spencer Band: No Time To Lose

Today’s feature is a brand new category – Thursday's Repeats and Threepeats. Every Thursday, we’ll look at songs that were released more than one time as a single. This includes songs that were B-sides and later were released as an A-side. Today’s feature is the Tarney/Spencer Band’s “No Time to Lose.”

Originally from Australia, Alan Tarney and Trevor Spencer immigrated to the UK during the Vietnam era and eventually became members of Cliff Richard’s backing band. Tarney and Spencer branched out on their own in 1975 and released three albums. In 1979, “No Time to Run” was issued from their final LP “Run for your Life.”

While the song garnered some airplay on album rock stations, it only peaked at #84. In 1981, MTV starved for videos found the video for “No Time to Lose” and put it into rotation. Because of this, the album and the single were being sought by a new audience. Both had been out of print, but A&M Records re-released the single in September 1981. The second time around, it charted at #74.

In addition, the “Run for your Life” album was issued with multiple covers. A number of artists during the late 70s and early 80s had albums that had several cover variations. Some that I remember include Split Enz’s “True Colors,” Hall & Oates’ “Voices,” Genesis’ “Abacab,” and Amy Grant’s “Unguarded.”

“Run for your Life” had four cover variations. Three of these had foil lettering in green, gold, and red. A fourth variation had textured foil in silver. I bought my copy from a cut-out bin in Hills’ Department Store in Ashland, KY. My cover has the red foil, which appears to be the most common variation.


  1. This reminds me that The Shadows existed in their own right, as an instrumental band, and as Cliff Richard's band ie Cliff Richard and The Shadows.

    But members of the Shadows released some vocal albums as well - as Marvin, Welch and Farrar - do you remember them? I thought they were rather good and have their albums on vinyl. Paul

  2. Unfortunately, I don't The Shadows were never that popular in the US like they were in the UK. I always liked their instrumental recordings, but never heard any of their vocal stuff.