Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Jumpin' Gene Simmons: Haunted House

With nearly 20 feet of snow on the ground, it’s hard to believe that it is Halloween 2012. I always like to feature a Halloween related tune on this auspicious occasion that fits in the daily schedule. I’ve hit most of the Halloween one hit wonders, but there are a couple left.

Originally recorded by Johnny Fuller in 1958, Jumpin’ Gene Simmons released his version of
“Haunted House” in 1964. The songs entered the Top 40 charts on August 29, 1964 and ironically Simmons died on the same date 42 years later. It peaked at #11 and was Simmons only Top 40 hit.

Impressed by the rockabilly artist, a young man born Chaim Weitz and who later changed his name to Eugene Klein and then officially to Gene Klein, eventually took Simmons’ name for his own stage persona. Although the Kiss bassist is legally named Gene Klein, he is best known as Gene Simmons.

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