Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pat Martino: Blue Bossa

One thing with this blog is that I have made some long lasting friendships with some folks that had made some visits in the past. It appears that the strongest of these relationships are centered on a post that I made back in 2009 about Harry Abraham and his radio show on WHAM in Rochester, NY. One of these friends is Stu Weissman who lives in New York State. Stu has been a constant friend and has been an inspiration during my lung illnesses of late.

Not only has Stu proved to be a good long distance friend, he is an excellent guitarist – I’ve heard some of his recordings and he is one talented dude. The other night, Stu mentioned an artist in an email that I had not thought about in several decades and that person is guitarist Pat Martino.

I don’t believe I’ve ever owned any of Martino’s albums – which is sad, but I am familiar with his work from doing a jazz radio program in the 1970s. Since I subscribed to Guitar Player magazine for a number of years, I also had read their interviews with this jazz guitar master.

I think the reason I lost track of Pat Martino is related to a brain aneurysm that he suffered in 1980 and the resulting surgery left him unable to remember how to play the guitar. Suffering from general amnesia as well, it was through the persistence of friends and by using his old recordings as a guide that allowed Pat to return to the music business in 1987.

Today’s Tasty Licks Tuesday selection comes from Pat’s 1997 album “Cream.” “Blue Bossa” was composed by jazz trumpeter Kenny Dorham and which was first recorded by Joe Henderson in 1963. The song draws upon George Shearing’s “Lullaby of Birdland” for the opening riff. Martino’s interpretation shows his talent as well as that of his backing musicians. Enjoy.

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