Sunday, January 20, 2013

100,000 Visitors: Luke Slott - One Hundred Thousand Veils

Today is a momentous occasion for Reading Between the Grooves, as we have now broken the one hundred thousand mark for unique and unduplicated visitors. It took us nearly three and one half years to reach this many visitors to the blog – but the numbers are growing at a much faster pace than in the past.

It took us nearly two years to reach the 25,000 mark. This was accomplished on June 10, 2011 which was 620 days following the establishment of this blog. We reached the 50,000 mark 246 days later on February 11, 2012. Our next milestone was 75,000 unique visitors which occurred 180 days after the previous record on August 9, 2012. Today’s 100,000 visitor record comes only 164 days after the last record was set.

I wanted to utilize a song that fit the occasion with a similar theme in its title, and I found Luke Slott’s “One Hundred Thousand Veils.” The song was written for International Human Rights day which occurs annually on December 10 and appears on his 2012 EP “The Light of Unity.” Slott provides the acoustic guitar, piano, and vocals on this track.

The lyrical content of “One Hundred Thousand Veils” addresses religious persecution, but specifically the heinous persecution of those who practice the Bahá'í faith in Iran. While Christians, Jews, and Zoroastrians may occasionally suffer persecution in Iran, all three are afforded at least some protection by the government. Bahá'ís, who are the largest religious minority in Iran, are not provided the same rights, as they are considered both religious and political enemies of the state.

Although my own religious beliefs differ in practice from Bahá'í tenets, I sympathize with their plight. Persecution and human suffering in any form needs to be abolished. Slott, an Irish singer/songwriter, has made “One Hundred Thousand Veils” as a free download, and from what I can see, he has already touched the hearts of many individuals across the world with this message.

Live Version

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