Saturday, January 5, 2013

Grand Funk Railroad: Heartbreaker

Today’s Bubbling Under Hit is testimony that Mark Farner was a very talented vocalist in addition to his guitar work. Grand Funk Railroad never achieved the critical recognition that they deserved. For some reason, they were relegated to a second tier status despite their numerous chart successes and gold and platinum albums.

Their first album, “On Time,” did not reach the pinnacle of its success until the release of the second LP, “Grand Funk” (AKA the "red album") was released. “Heartbreaker,” the fourth single by the band, was released following “Mr. Limousine Driver” and “Inside Looking Out” – both of which came from the second album.

“Heartbreaker,” released in February 1970, peaked at #72 in the US, but did better in Canada with a chart position of #58.


  1. We used to frequent this dive bar when I was a younger lad.....and the guy that we shall call 'Norm' at the end of the bar played this song on the Jukebox every time we were there!

  2. I hope it was a positive memory that this post evoked.