Thursday, April 11, 2013

Peaked at 15: Tempation Eyes

Day five at our look at songs that peaked at #15 features a classic from The Grass Roots – “Temptation Eyes.” Written by the songwriting team of Dan Walsh and Harvey (later Michael) Price, this 1970 hit was one of the duo’s favorite tunes.

I’m not sure of their relationship was with ABC Records or with Steve Barri, but there was a connection as all of their early compositions for other were recorded by ABC artists and were usually produced by Steve Barri. Later in the seventies, Walsh and Price contributed a song for Yvonne Elliman on RSO – which was also produced by Steve Barri.

Producer Barri’s connection to The Grass Roots goes back to their inception when he and P.F. Sloan recorded the first demos as The Grass Roots for Dunhill Records. Several different incarnations of The Grass Roots existed until Barri and Sloan found the band The 13th Floor to become successful version of The Grass Roots. In time, Rob Grill joined this latest incarnation of the band and became their lead singer and bassist.

Grill remained in the band until 1977. He later rejoined in 1980 and stayed with The Grass Roots until his death in 2011.

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