Saturday, July 13, 2013

Autoharp: Small Mountain

I had a number of possibilities for this the final look at the use of an autoharp in music and I decided to go with a selection from the American folk-rock band Midlake. From their 2010 album “The Courage of Others,” you can hear a subtle usage of the autoharp on the song “Small Mountain.”

Midlake member Eric Pulido plays the autoharp on this cut as well as other instrumentation. If you listen to the quiet parts of the tune especially at the beginning and the end of “Small Mountain,” you can hear the autoharp. While it is used throughout the tune, it blends in very well and not very noticeable in relation to the guitars and other instruments.

Guitarist/vocalist Tim Smith who writes all of Midlake’s material had stated in Reverb that “Small Mountain,” which was written about a small hill where his family once live, is his favorite Midlake song. Unfortunately, Smith stated that the song is one that the audience doesn’t connect with when performed. This is no doubt due to the reflective nature of the arrangement. Good tune.

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