Monday, July 15, 2013

Guster: Satellite

Yesterday, I saw the movie “Martian Child” with John Cusack. It was a wonderful and inspiring story about a widower who adopted a child who claimed he was from Mars as a coping mechanism. At one point in the story, Guster’s “Satellite” was featured and I immediately thought that it would be apropos for our Media Monday feature.

Released as a CD single in 2007 and played by alternative radio, the song failed to chart on any of Billboard’s music charts including the Modern Rock Tracks chart. I was drawn to the song as I love alternative rock. It has a sixties vibe with modern production techniques. It also has a tremendous lyrical hook, but alas it never made it the charts.

Live Acoustic Version

Recorded in 2012, the live acoustic version is simply beautiful. To play the keyboard parts, the band enlisted violinist Charlene Huang. This version also features April Guthrie on 'cello.

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