Monday, December 23, 2013

Chess Records: Going Home

Unlike Muddy Waters’ sparse recordings of the 40s and 50s, Chess Records teamed Mr. Morganfield with a full band that contained electric guitar, amplified harmonica, piano, bass, drums, organ, saxophone, and back-up vocalists. The instrumentation and arrangement makes this 1962 recording a real gem.

By just listening to Muddy Waters’ canon of recordings from this period, you get a sense of the recording genius of the Chess brothers. They were far ahead of the competition and it is no wonder that The Rolling Stones travelled all the way from the UK just to record at 2120 South Michigan Avenue.

“Going Home,” which was later titled “Goin’ Home” for his 2002 CD “Goin’ Home: Live in Paris 1970,” is the epitome of a great slow Chicago blues number that showcases one of the founding fathers of the genre. In addition, the harmonica accompaniment and tenor sax solos are absolutely wonderful.

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