Friday, December 20, 2013

Seymour Swine & The Squeelers: Blue Christmas

Back in 1985, I spied an unusual single at one of the local record stores in Beckley, WV. Without hearing it, I was intrigued and so I bought it. I am glad that I did, as it became a Christmas staple of my radio show for nine years. While I am not much on novelty records, this is my favorite holiday novelty tune – Seymour Swine and the Squeelers with their rendition of “Blue Christmas.”

Until recently, I thought this was a one man effort and it sounded as though it was recorded in someone’s living room with one other person “laughing all the way.” Seymour Swine was Denny Brownlee who was also armed with a kazoo. The Squeelers comprised only one person – Bill Lynn on acoustic guitar. Seymour Swine’s vocals are instantly reminiscent of Porky Pig.

There are no identifying marks on this record to tie it to a real artist or label – perchance to avoid litigation with Warner Brothers or Mel Blanc or both. But now you know the culprits. You can't miss this single - the label is piggy pink adorned with pigs dancing around a Christmas tree. A Christmas wreath surrounds the center hole.

When I played this version of “Blue Christmas” on the air, it always generated numerous requests for more plays. I have included it as our Friday Flipside, as both sides of the record are identical.

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