Thursday, December 12, 2013

Refab Four: Michelle

Most Americans are probably not familiar with The Overlanders; however, they had a very successful cover of The Beatles’ “Michelle” in 1966. Originally a folk group, The Overlanders crossed over to popular music. Although they issued a number of singles in the UK and the US, “Michelle” was their only hit.

Although “Michelle” failed to chart in the US, it was a number one hit in the UK. In addition, another competing cover by David and Jonathan was overtaken by The Overlanders. David and Jonathan’s version was also a hit at #11.

Although I was unaware of The Overlanders’ brief stab at fame in 1966, I purchased the UK single on the Pye label at a neighbor’s yard sale in the late 1960s. The US version, issued on Hickory, is fairly rare and is a difficult find for collectors. The lack of success in the US market can be attributed to radio playing the original Beatles’ recording as an album cut from “Rubber Soul.”

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