Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Refab Four: Any Time At All

Day three of my “Refab Four” series and I look at a Lennon and McCartney composition that appeared originally on the US Beatles’ LP “Something New.” In the UK, “Any Time at All” was released on “A Hard Day’s Night.” The original was primarily composed by John Lennon and it is structurally very similar to a later composition of his – “It Won’t Be Long.” The instrumental bridge was composed by Paul McCartney. Lyrics were intended for this section of the song; however, they never materialized.

For today’s version, I turn to one of my favorite lesser known artists: Nils Lofgren. I had a chance to see this shorter acrobat of the electric guitar with Bruce Springsteen in 1986. I don’t know how he tumbled across stage while playing guitar without killing himself or breaking his instrument. His 5’3” frame allows him to perform stunts unmanageable to those of us with a different center of gravity.

Lofgren’s take on “Any Time At All” came from his 1981 album “Night Fades Away.”

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