Monday, November 15, 2010

Incubus: I Can't Explain

Last night I was looking for a cover of one of The Who’s songs and I stumbled on Incubus’ version of “I Can’t Explain.” This recording was from VH-1’s tribute to The Who and was recorded in July 2008. Other bands that appeared at this tribute show included the Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, and The Flaming Lips. I am skeptical about anyone who covers a Who tune, but will admit that Incubus does a bang up job on this 60s classic.

The Who’s Original

While “I Can’t Explain” was the first single issued under the band’s name The Who, they had previously released the single “Zoot Suit” under the name of the High Numbers. While their version was a top ten hit in the UK, it barely scratched the surface of the Hot 100 in the US where it only charted at #93. Even Pete Townsend who wrote the song confessed that it sounded much like their contemporaries The Kinks. Now that he mentions it, it does.

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