Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Youngbloods: Get Together

It’s TV Thursday and today’s song was of late featured in a Luvs Diapers commercial and utilized the most popular rendition of the song as recorded by the Youngbloods. The song was written by folksinger Chet Powers and was credited to one of his several pseudonyms: Dino Valenti.

In order to raise money for his defense on a drug arrest, Powers sold the writer’s share of the royalties to Frank Werber, the manager of the Kingston Trio. In 1964, the famous folk ensemble was the first to record the song under its original title of “Let’s Get Together.”

Like a number of hits that failed to chart within the top 40 the first time around, the the Youngbloods' 1967 release of the single only peaked at #62. When the Youngblood’s rendition was used in a public service announcement for the National Conference of Christians and Jews in 1969, “Get Together” generated renewed public interest.

To capitalize on this turn of events, RCA rereleased the single later that year. During the second time around, it went to #5. It has since become one of the quintessential songs of the late 1960s. Shades of Haight-Ashbury.

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