Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Jack The Lad: Sailed The Seven Seas

A few weeks ago, I featured a cut by Lindisfarne as our Traditional Tuesday selection. Today, it’s a Lindisfarne spinoff band “Jack the Lad.” The band was formed in 1972 when Rod Clements, Simon Cowe, and Ray Laidlaw left Lindisfarne and reunited with former Lindisfarne member Billy Mitchell.

“Sailed the Seven Seas” was recorded in September 1975 and features Mark II of the band. The video’s lineup includes Mitchell on the 12-string Rickenbacker Guitar, Cowe on electric mandolin, Laidlaw on drums and new members Ian 'Walter' Fairbairn on fiddle and Phil Murray on bass. Formerly of Hedgehog Pie, Fairbairn and Murray joined the band in 1974 when Rod Clements left Jack the Lad.

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