Friday, April 8, 2011

The Beatles: I'm Down

“I’m Down” is one of the three Beatles’ songs that appeared on a single but not on an album while they were still together. Although the flipside of the number one “Help,” “I’m Down” peaked on the charts at only 101. It’s a great rocker featuring Paul McCartney on vocals and John Lennon playing what I always thought was an RMI Electra Piano, but from the stage video it appears to be a Vox Continental Organ.

If you have any of their bootlegs, and I have two, “The Good Old Days at Shea” and “Last Live Show,” you’ll find a version of this tune. It appears on many of their live recordings from 1965 an 1966. If I’m not mistaken the original 45 RPM single release of this song was in mono. It’s a great tune that hasn’t ever got enough airplay. Here’s a live version from Shea Stadium in 1965.

Recent Stereo Remix

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