Friday, April 15, 2011

The Guess Who: Undun

One of my favorite Canadian bands of all time was The Guess Who and beginning in 1969 they were riding high on a string of hits that began with “These Eyes” from their album “Wheatfield Soul.” It was their first American hit since 1965’s “Shakin’ All Over” that featured their original lead vocalist Chad Allen. In 1966, Burton Cummings replaced Allen as lead vocalist and the rest is history.

The follow-up to “These Eyes” was the double sided hit “Laughing” b/w “Undun.” Both songs were from the “Canned Wheat” LP and both songs charted in the US and Canada. “Laughing” topped the charts in their native Canada and was their first number one record since “Shakin’ All Over”; although, the band had 13 singles issued in Canada between the two number one hits. In the US, it peaked at #10.

While “Laughing” was the hit, its flipside “Undun” was nearly as popular charting in Canada and the US at 21 and 22 respectively. Written by Randy Bachman, the guitar has a bossa nova feel – a technique that Bachman used on other recordings like “Looking out for Number One” and “Blue Collar” – two singles for Bachman-Turner Overdrive that never made it into the top 40. “Undun” also features the flute work of Burton Cummings. It’s a great song all around.

Live Version from 1983

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