Sunday, April 3, 2011

Buddy Miller: Wide RIver To Cross

One of my favorite performers is Buddy Miller and he and his wife Julie wrote today’s Spiritual Sunday selection – “Wide River to Cross.” The song appears on Buddy’s 2004 solo album “Universal United House of Prayer.” His version of Mark Heard’s “Worry Too Much” from the same album won the 2005 American Music Awards’ Song of the Year.

While Buddy Miller’s name is not universally recognized by the average Joe, he is a musician’s musician. Beneath the three-day growth of a beard and the obligatory ball cap is a man that is a musical genius. Enjoy.

Impromptu Live Version


There's a sorrow in the wind
Blowing' down the road I've been
I can hear it cry while shadows steal the sun
But I cannot look back now
I’ve come too far to turn around
And there's still a race ahead that i must run

I’m only halfway home I gotta journey on
To where I’ll find the things that I have lost
I've come a long, long road still I’ve got miles to go
I've got a wide, wide river to cross

I have stumbled I have strayed
You can trace the tracks i made
All across the memories my heart recalls
But, I'm just a refugee won't you say a prayer for me
Cause sometimes even the strongest soldier falls

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