Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dave and Ansell Collins: Double Barrel

Today’s one hit wonder is one that I’m sure you’ll remember, but would not be able to tell me the name. Dave and Ansell Collins were a reggae act from where else – Jamaica, mon.

I wouldn’t know the name of this song if it were not for a various artist album that was put out by Bell Records and featured songs from the various labels it distributed. “Double Barrel” was a Big Tree Records release.

Dave and Ansell were not brothers – Dave’s name was Dave Baker, which wasn’t his real name anyway – he was born as David Crooks. Ansell Collins (his real name) played keyboards and Dave provided the unique vocals ala “I am the magnificent – the W – O – O – O.” This was the first recording on which reggae drummer Sly Dunbar played. He was 14 at the time.

Truly a one hit wonder – Dave and Ansell Collins – never returned to the American Hot 100. Even a rebranding to Clint Eastwood and General Saint in 80s failed to produce another American hit. We will need to be content with their one and only that charted in the summer of 71 at #22.

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