Friday, August 5, 2011

The Beatles: You Can't Do That

Today’s Friday flipside, “You Can’t Do That,” was scheduled to be released as The Beatles’ March 1964 “A” side that is until they recorded “Can’t Buy Me Love,” which EMI released as the single.

“You Can’t Do That” was relegated to the flip side, and although not the “A” side, it generated enough airplay to chart at #33 in Canada and #48 in the US. Of course, “Can’t Buy Me Love” was a number one record in the US, the UK, Australia, The Netherlands, and Sweden. In Canada, it placed in the top five peaking at #3.

While “You Can’t Do That” appeared on the “Hard Day’s Night” soundtrack in the UK, it was on “The Beatles’ Second Album” here in the US. The song was the second recorded with the electric 12-string Rickenbacker guitar given to George Harrison by the manufacturer in 1964.

It was second model built by the company and George’s use in “Hard Day’s Night” had a profound effect on Roger (Jim) McGuinn of the Byrds. McGuinn would become the best known owner of the instrument. McGuinn influenced others including Tom Petty to play the 12-string Rickenbacker. The gift valued at $900 in 1964 paid off in greater dividends for the company.

George Harrison’s 12-string Rick was actually first used on “Can’t Buy Me Love,” but it was buried in the mix and not easily heard; however, you can hear it on “You Can’t Do That.” John Lennon, who sang the tune, also played the lead guitar on “You Can’t Do That.” Ringo’s cowbell adds to the tune’s overall charisma.

Hard Day’s Night Outtake

Originally scheduled to appear in the film “Hard Day’s Night,” the video was cut from the film, but later was played on the Ed Sullivan Show.

Live Version

Two Rickenbacker guitars, a Hofner bass, Ludwig drums, Vox Amps, and Sennheiser mikes – You can’t get better than that.

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