Thursday, August 4, 2011

Canned Heat: Let's Work Together

Last week, I noticed the new Blackberry Playbook commercial on TV and was surprised and elated to hear Canned Heat’s “Let’s Work Together” as the ad’s bed. The song was written by Wilbert Harrison (of “Kansas City” fame) and was a reworking of his 1962 single, “Let’s Stick Together.” When Harrison released “Let’s Work Together” in 1969, it was a mid charting hit. Harrison was billed as Wilbert Harrison One Man Band. The song peaked in 1970 at #32.

Upon hearing Harrison’s version, Canned Heat recorded their now classic cover of Harrison’s original. It featured Bob “The Bear” Hite on lead vocals and Alan “Blind Owl” Wilson on slide guitar. Liberty Records released it as a single and the Canned Heat version did slightly better than Harrison’s original by charting at #26. Like other Canned Heat recordings, it’s a gem from one of America’s premier white blues bands. “Let’s Work Together” appeared on their fifth LP "Future Blues."

Canned Heat: Studio Version

Canned Heat: Live Version

Dig the crazy Orange brand amps & cabinets from England. I always wanted one, but alas – I probably will never own one and really no need to have one.

In 2001, they introduced a practice model called “the Orange Crush,” the smaller “Tiny Terror,” and an even smaller “Micro Crush.” All in their signature orange Tolex – very cool indeed.

Wilbert Harrison: “Let’s Work Together” 1969

Wilbert Harrison: “Let’s Stick Together” 1962

And don't forget to boogie, boogie.

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