Friday, August 12, 2011

Santana: Taboo

I am about twelve hours late on my post for today. Last evening while researching this song, I opened a web page that proceeded to load malware on my computer – it was a multi-faceted attack that disabled McAfee (which never caught it), disabled Google Chrome, attempted to rewrite my boot-sector (which Adaware stopped), changed my permissions, began to write numerous files to fill up the hard-drive, and locked out my wireless connection.

So, on my lunch hour, I am putting forth my selection for today. I don’t dare miss one, as if I have my math correct, I will celebrate my second anniversary of “Reading Between the Grooves” at the same time as my 700th post. That’s kind of exciting; so in the midst of “downtime,” I am attempting to keep on keeping on.

Today’s Friday Flipside is Santana’s third LP with is called either “Santana” or “Santana III.” It was the B side to “No One to Depend On,” which charted at #36 in 1971. I remember purchasing this single as I loved the A side, but “Taboo” is an excellent tune as well that features the vocals and keyboards of Greg Rollie.

Watch out for those taboo web sites folks. Enjoy.


  1. Oh no - not again - npot visible in Bavaria...grrrrrrrrrr

  2. Maby you try my protection - I have it now for 3 Years and never something happened to my system :o)

    And bravooo for your Blog and your musical taste

  3. Oh - I see - you are not interested in interaction with blogs - ok - so I take yours off on mine.